Guild Wars 2 10th Anniversary and STEAM launch

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I wonder if this means GW2 will work with Valves ProtonDB?

I doubt it. Arenanet doesn’t support other OS’s very well.

Thats what ProtonDB is for. Its a bundle of compatibility tools to make Windows games run on Linux and the key to making hardware like their SteamDeck work. According to the site its looking really good. some are reporting performance even better than running on Windows.

I will be joining in on Aug 23 for the Steam launch, been a long time since I played GW2 so I will see if I am still interested after playing a while. I see that Yak’s Bend is the server listed, is that still OTGs home?

Yes but with alliances happening servers won’t matter.

So, Something I found out the hard way, Installing the Steam version of GW2 requires you to create a new account tied to your Steam account. their is no way to log in to an already existing account through the official steam launcher… bummer… However, the few moments I did play through ProtonDB this way ran pretty good…

EDIT: Found a work-around! Using the Steam Install, you can log in with old non-steam accounts by adding a command argument.
%command% -provider Portal

Would you need to buy the expansions again through Steam, or does logging in your old account unlock everything?

they are separate accounts, so I started on Steam and then went back to my old account direct with GW2.

add “%command% -provider Portal” to GW2s Steam Launch Options to log in with normal non-steam accounts.

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I no longer play, but one of the best MMOs. Probably the only one I walked around zones with OTG doing dynamic events without opening the map. It was just one event that lead to another. WvW was a blast in its heyday.

A friend from college was the VP of sales for NCsoft N. America or something at the time and I was to get in every test and early alpha. I’d go over to his house and there would be a box of NCsoft games I could just take. Most weren’t worth it, but GW2 and GW were. Good times.

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It works great with proton!

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