Guild Scribe and Decorating Permissions

Having access to guild scribing resources and guild hall decorations are linked in the guild hall. These permissions are granted through the in-game Elder rank level. Please see the linked post if you are interested in this rank.

Guild Scribe and Decoration Guidelines

  • If you cannot afford to craft or purchase a decoration, then you do not need to use that decoration in your personal area.
  • Please do not move or remove decorations that were placed by someone else. If you feel the placement of decorations is inappropriate or creates an obstacle, contact one of the chapter officers.
  • If you craft a decoration to upgrade later, go ahead and place it in your area until you can upgrade it. This will help keep others from placing decorations thought not to be in use.
  • There is plenty of space in the guild, but still be courteous to someone’s claim to an area. Respect other players boundaries for decorating.
  • Anyone found to be moving another person’s decorations without permission will have decorating permissions suspended.


  • When you craft a decoration from the crafting menu that is just the first step. You have to go to the assembly device to finish the decoration.
  • Remember that all decorations you craft/assemble go into the guild inventory and not your personal inventory.
  • All contributions past and future are greatly appreciated by the officers amd guild as a whole.
  • Low level decorations (i.e. balloons, shrubs, basic furniture) are generally available to all. If you have a question about using a certain decoration please contact the Chapter Leader in-game or here in the forums.