Guild Island Crafting Station

Guild Island has all DLC Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworker and Jewelry Crafting Stations
These stations are set up by DLC release date

The PvP zone crafting stations are located by the Dwemer Brass collection on the island

you can visit these station by finding @Tess-OTG via the Guild Roster by hitting “G” while in game and right clicking on @Tess-OTG and Travel to Primary Residents

Thank you to all members that have donated their Master Writs and Attuned Stations to help complete our DLC Attuned Stations for our Island.

List of Crafting Stations we have on the Guild Island for your crafting convenience

updated 11/1/2021

PVP Zone Stations

Cyrodiil - added with Harrowstorm DLC
Unchained Aggressor
Critical Riposte
Dauntless Combatant

Imperial City
Armor Master
Noble Conquest

Fighter Guild
Kagrenac’s Hope
Orgnum’s Scales

Unlocked via Quest for Fighters & Mage Guild

Mage Guild
Eyes of Mara
Shalidor’s Curse

Add-on I use to help sort our DLC by release is Votan’s Improved Locations
Island Station Map 2.pdf (16.3 KB)

I have set up a number system to help locate the stations on the Island, at the end of each station name is a Row and station number.
example - R5 S2 = Row 5 Station 2

Wrothgar [DLC-1]
Law of Julianos - R1 S1
Morkuldin - R1 S2
Trial by Fire – R1 S3

Hew’s Bane [DLC-2]
Clever Alchemist -1R S4
Tava’s Favor - R1 S5
Eternal Hunt - R1 S6

Gold Coast [DLC-3]
Pelinal’s Aptitude – R2 S1
Varen’s Legacy – R2 S2
Kvatch Gladiator – R2 S3

Vvardenfell [DLC-4]
Shacklebreaker – R2 S4
Assassin’s Guile - R2 S5
Daedric Trickery- R2 S6

Clockwork City [DLC-5]
Mechanical Acuity – R3 S1
Innate Axiom – R3 S2
Fortified Brass- R3 S3

Summerset [DLC-6]
Adept Rider - R3 S4
Nocturnal’s Favor – R3 S5
Sload’s Semblance – R3 S6

Murkmire [DLC-7]
Grave-Stake Collector – R4 S1
Might of the Lost Legion - R4 S2
Naga Shaman - R4 S3

Northern Elswyer [DLC-8]
Vastarie’s Tutelage - R4 S4
Senche-raht’s Grit - R4 S5
Coldharbour’s Favorite - R4 S6

Southern Elswyer [DLC-9]
Ancient Dragonguard – R5 S1
Daring Corsair - R5 S2
New Moon Acolyte - R5 S3

Western Skyrim [Greaymoor] [DLC-10]
Dragon’s Appetite Set - R5 S4
Spell Parasite - R5 S5
Stuhn’s Favor set - R5 S6

The Reach [Blackreach] [DLC-11]
Aetherial Ascension – R6 S1
Legacy of Karth - R6 S2
Red Eagle’s Fury - R6 S3

Blackwood [DLC-12]
Diamond’s Victory Set - R6 S4
Heartland Conqueror Set - R6 S5
Hist Whisperer Set - R6 S6

Deadlands [DLC -13]
Wretched Vitality Set - R7 S1
Deadlands Demolisher Set - R7 S2
Iron Flask Set - R7 S3