Guild invites and Name Changes

If seeking to join any chapter of OTG please check the top section of the game forums you are acquiring about
There will be a post with instructions on who to contact or how invites are handle within that Chapter

if looking for any information on ESO start here > Latest Elder Scrolls Online/ESO Chapter Information topics - Old Timers Guild

Also a reminder if anytime you change your OTG forum name or in game account name please report it to your game Chapter Leader.


Looking for some advice, hope I’m in the right place. Contemplating a return to ESO. Formerly played on PS4 and belonged to the pretty much defunct OTG on that server. My tag on ESO same as here on OTG. I’m not certain that I want to transfer my ESO account to PC as from what I’ve researched online it appears there’s no benefit in doing so, in fact unless I’m mistaken, it seems transferring only transfers your account info and none of your toons nor previous purchases from the Crown store, i.e. mounts, homes, costumes all that good stuff. So if I begin anew on PC I’d not be able to bring my tag along. How would that work as far as OTG? Can I have a different tag in game versus forums? My Steam tag is the same but I believe in game it would be whatever tag I setup the new ESO account.
Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give!

Yes. You can use a different username for each or any game. For example, my Battlenet tag is Dots, my FFXIV is Juulzy.

Your right, you won’t be able to transfer anything from your PS4 ESO account to PC ESO account
They are different platforms.
You will have to buy a new account and start fresh