Guild invite please PC

Not sure I posted this request in the right forum :slight_smile:

Hey! I would love an invite to the guild (haven’t played in many years!!)

My handle is @umbravenator

Characters are Chirho@umbravenator and Skeeziks Dilemma@umbravenator - for PC play

many thanks!

Errror Player not found> Skeeziks Dilemma@umbravenator :slightly_frowning_face:

Chirho@umbravenator was invited. :grin:

sorry Skeezix Dilemma


Name is Alrighty123

Was pretty active with OTG in BlackDesert, but my computer blew up and can only play on a computer that can’t deal with graphics, so on to NeverWinter!

Need the CharacterName@HandleName;

Or send me mail to: Talos@Zynk in game.