Guild Invite for Neverwinter?

If there is a guild on Neverwinter, could I please get an invite? Cadwallen@grayivan

OTG indeed has a guild, but I’m sorry to say it’s deader than a door nail. I joined several months ago myself, but I seem to be the only one logging in and playing occasionally. Also, the Stronghold is only Level-6 with nobody working on getting it to a higher level, plus we have no Alliances. Sorry for the depressing news, but it’s the truth. :frowning:

Have you found a better one, or do you play anymore?

I’ve kept my characters in the Old Timers Guild. One of the General Games (GG) Officers has been logging in occasionally, but that’s it. Again, sorry for the news but this happens sometimes. I thought for sure the new Bard class and ‘Jewel of the North’ might’ve brought some folks back.