Guild invite for Neverwinter

Long time OTG member, first time playing Neverwinter
Could I please get an guild invite in game please
Character name: Shara Huntinghawk@whintah



really old OTGer coming back after a long slumber.
Could I get an in game invite please?
Character name: Alrek

Hello Yahash! welcome back in advance. a couple things. are you PC? and do you mind posting the formal request here > and indicate it’s for Neverwinter PC.

You should also have a handle with your character name that should be displayed when you log in, can you provide that too? Much obliged.

I had to recreate my login (yeah its been several years since I was active.) I don’t have forum permission there yet it seems.

I am not familiar with the handle, which login screen would i find that in.

Thanks a ton!

OK, no problem. So we just need your forum tag to be blue, first. And then we can get the Neverwinter part done.
on the Neverwinter launcher, after you sign in and BEFORe you press play. Look at the upper left hand corner and it should have a handle next to Server Status - that’s your handle.

Are you working with someone about membership? like if you haven’t logged in the forums a while you may go dormant - and then have to do the re-apply

I am not working with anyone yet. I went to do the reapply, but it said if you are a former member to skip it.

I went ahead and redid the application anyways. Also handle is Yahash. Once i have access, i will get an app in the correct place.