Guild Activity

Greetings all. I’ve been delving into Neverwinter again, and I’m interested in rejoining the guild. I was very curious about the activity. I’ve been checking out the Neverwinter Discord channel some, but I haven’t ran into any members there yet.

I’ve been away from the game for a while, so I’m thinking about trying some of the new available races such as Gith or Dragonborn. I’m also excited to try out the upcoming Bard class that’s been announced.

If anyone is interested in grouping up some time, you can contact me on PC on characters Bel’thor@Xinra and Xinra Fus’rodah@Xinra.

Also, as of this posting, I’m still awaiting an in-game guild invite. I’ve posted my request in the “GG In-Game Invites” forums.

Thank you!