Guild Active? Invite?

Just finished the basic Warlords story. Still working through NY stuff.

Is the guild active? Who is available to invite if so. Thanks!

@Zercon will come to your rescue.

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forget to reply here but RanterX is in, we did in on discord. sometimes i forget to reply to both LOL


But did you reply to my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Insta posts? :smiley:

Thanks for the help!

I’m on most early evenings EST. If you need assistance with something in game please feel free to post to Clan chat. I normally finish my POE missions then just enter random pick up missions until I get bored.
If I don’t answer clan chat please poke again, sometimes I miss the chat all together if in battle.

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Will do. My son and I are a bit distracted by some other games at the moment but I’m feeling the itch to pick up my crossbow and return to the streets of NYC (which is weird since I actually live here ha ha).


Oh and eventually the streets of DC. :wink: