Guidance for a Magicka Sorcerer build

Hi all. I’m really new to ESO and I’ve just gotten my sorcerer up to lvl 30. I’ve decided that I can no longer put off following a build. I don’t mind experimenting, but I have a lot to learn, so I’d like to learn from other people’s experiences.

When I’m still below level 50, does a build really matter? Could I throw together most anything and have it work well?

I know I want to roll a magicka sorcerer, but I’m still flexible on the other details. I’ll mainly be doing PvE content for the foreseeable future, so I’d like to optimize for that. I’ve seen a bunch of builds on various web sites, but they really don’t give me any information that might help me choose one over the other. Does anyone have any suggestions for an easy to manage Magicka Sorcerer build I can learn from?

With all my characters I usually have 1 skill from each class skill, at least 1 weapon skill and any world or guild skills needed on my bar(s) until about lvl 40-45.
I end up keeping that skill on their until it it’s ready to morph, then move to the next skill to do the same thing again.
This way, all my skills are leveled up and ready to morph if I want. This usually gets me with all skills leveled by lvl 45 or so.
Once I do that, then I start looking at builds for my class or what I want my character to do. It also lets me see what each skill does and how to best use it. It also allows me to know if it’s something I even want to use on my character. I usually end up re-speccing around lvl 45-50 once I have an idea of what I want to run so that way I’m not wasting skill points on stuff I’m not going to use.

Honestly, as I’ve said before, play whatever you enjoy. There are certain builds that will be ‘better’, but if you don’t enjoy playing them, it’s pointless to use them.

And what Fett says is a very useful way to go about things, test things out, level them, and something will coalesce generally :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions.

So far, I’ve been keeping 1 from each class skill & weapon skill on my bar to level them up. I haven’t morphed any, because I’ve been prioritizing leveling as many as I can. So far, I have always found a place to use my skill points without morphing. Now, I’m starting to have skill points I can’t spend in my class/race/weapon skills without morphing. I’m tempted to start dropping them into my crafting, but I want to make sure my combat skills are not neglected.

I’m probably just over thinking things (common fault of mine) and should do what looks fun, but having a couple of rules-of-thumb really helps keep me pointed in a useful direction and helps me avoid getting bogged down by the learning curve of the game. I’ll let these thoughts jell over the next couple of levels and see where things go.

Thanks again.

Remember that if you have an extra skill point, you can click on the skill morph, read the description of what each of the two morphs does and then cancel without spending the skill point if you don’t think you’ll use it.

Once you hit 50, be sure to check out ESO Champion Points 2.0. They really make a difference.

No matter what level I am I always have a self-healing spell on number 4 and a summoned familiar on number 5. The summoned familiars such as Unstable Clannfear may not be particularly powerful but they take the heat off and give you a little breathing room.

But as everyone has said previously, it’s best to play the way that is most comfortable for you.