Guarding our caravans l, how many pvpers do we have?

With the Alpha hopefully only a few minutes away I thought I’d bring up a subject that will be a significant importance to OTG. How many pvpers do we have for guarding our caravans? I know some here have zero interest in pvp what so ever but since our caravans can be attacked and looted by other guilds it’s a concern I’m sure that’s shared by all. I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea if we as a guild donate a small portion of our early loot to make sure our most skilled pvpers get geared asap to help keep our caravans safe. I figure donating a small portion of profit to the guild sounds a lot better then losing all our profit to a enemy guild.

I personally plan on participating in guarding our caravans whenever I’m able but I’m not exactly a skilled pvper. My reaction time is a little slow when it comes to pvp


Wishing I was in Alpha to help! I only pledged at the $150 level, so I’m still not in. But I’d definitely be up for caravan duty