Grrrr am I missing something?

I’m just not a fan of these new boards. Here is Fallout76 and there are no posts? I search around the boards and it just seems like I am missing something.

You forgot to say “First!”. :wink:

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring the content of our old forums to the new forums, so we’re starting from scratch here, which might explain your inability to find lots of information.

Actually, the fallout forums are brand new! They did not have their own forum until recently. So while you may find a few posts if you search, they’re probably scattered. I’ll get them moved over to the fallout category this evening, so at least you can find whatever we have easier. I’m not sure how much there is yet, but I’ll at least get it all into one place.

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Could you split PC and Console threads purty pwease

How so? I didn’t see any threads that discussed both in the same thread. Perhaps I didn’t read enough of the words?

Nothing there yet. I was just hoping for a seperate thread for pc / mac vs consoles since there won’t be cross platform play for the game. Well as least for Sony products unsure about other.

Sounds like you want separate sub-categories under Fallout 76: one for pc/mac posts and one for console posts.

that about sums it up :O)

A limitation to Discourse is 3 category levels. All Game Development Games including Fallout 76 are already at the 3rd level, so there cannot be sub-categories. If Fallout 76 is picked up as an OTG chapter after release, then there would be a bit more flexibility for categories.

You can seperate the threads into PC & console groupings if you desire by using tags.

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The search function here works very well too. If someone used PC or console in their title or text, the search will reflect that if you search for one or the other.

I agree 100% the information that was lost was huge in the change. The new board is slow to load slow to accept my password . It is limited in its breakdown in mot breaking games that have non interaction between console Sony /Microsoft and PC/Mac versions into their own forums. I don’t understand why we needed to change systems The old system was home for many years and we knew how it worked and what it’s foibles were. Well those of us that are on PC for Fallout76 have a a week or so to wait as for some odd marketing reason X-Box one folks are more equal than the rest of us…

If there is anything you wanted from the game development section where the data is still current (we outdate things so fast when they’re in dev!), please let me now! If its for another section, let their staff know.

Personally, I have not experienced this and this is the first I’ve heard about this issue, but that doesn’t mean its not happening to you. However, we do have a tech team that tries to sort these things out. Check out the help center, and feel free to post and see if some troubleshooting can be done to improve this.

I know in the game dev section, we generally don’t break down into platform. Things change quickly, and there often isn’t enough activity on the forums to justify breaking it out. Other areas, that may be different, as I cannot speak for everyone. However I had a console tag added to help with searching for just the posts you want (and will finish tagging posts in the fallout section this afternoon when I need to not stare at my work for a few minutes!). Also, if you’re asking or posting on just one platform, put that in the title or text of the post. The searches here work a lot better than vb5’s did, and it a huge help to those looking for specific things.

There are a lot of reasons, but I think there were 2 main takeaways. If you didn’t notice the increasing issues on VB5, then we did our job to help keep drama away from the members and provide the best community experience possible! Discourse, while a very different structure, is to help guide OTG to the idea of one OTG, and that idea

OTG is greater than the sum of its parts. Things aren’t as compartmentalized, and that helps to promote the philosophy the admin are trying to impart. Yes, its different, and yes, there are growing pains. If you have suggestions for improvement, please check out the help center. If you have something specific to game dev, feel free to let me know! I’m always happy to receive suggestions and feedback.

I think the old OTG site (2 years ago, before we moved to vb5) was using vb3. Yes, we loved it and knew it well, but (IIRC) a number of people complained about the fact that we were using an old version of the software that had outdated security measures. It became apparent that we needed to change software so that our members could have adequate security. We upgraded to vb5 for a year, but the software had changed so much in the newer versions that it no longer suited our needs, so we came here to Discourse.