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My past two days off I’ve grinded about 60 “Comp Stomp” brawls. The brawl : comp stomp pits 15 players against 15 computer AI. The reward is Honor Rank (that big circle on the right side of the PvP group finder), Marks of Honor, and Conquest points.

From what I understand

  1. Honor Rank : there’s 500 ranks. So far each rank I’ve made (HR 5) requires 5500 Honor Points. There’s a PvP 50% bonus on ATM so each Brawl I netted either 480 Honor or 540 Honor. So, about 12 brawls per rank.

At rank HR 5 you are awarded the Dutiful Companion (Horde) and something similiar for (Alliance). Cool looking battle pet (non battle battle pet). The following awards are at HR 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 … some reward a non-battle battle pet , a mount , titles , maybe other stuff but that’s what I remember.

  1. Conquest points : I purchased a 177 bow from one of the vendors in oribos (one of the quartermasters) then used 1000 conquest points to upgrade it (bow) once and another 1225 conquest points iirc a second time. Now the bow is either 194? maybe it’s 196? Either way it’s better than my 184 bow.

You can purchase a white-silver looking suit case for 2000 conquest which will yield 5 Marks of Honor. I bought a few of them as I had capped my conquest points twice. Cap is 15500 iirc.

  1. Marks of Honor : you get 1 per win of which you will win. I bought PvP gear set from season 9 and season 10, a few bows for the transmogs, you can also buy (I think it’s 5 in total) mounts at 15 marks of honor each. All of the mounts (wolf, kodo, …).

In Ogrimar follow the wall from the bank and go up to the second landing. To the right before you reach the embassy/ambassador there’s a couple quartermasters. Once requires viscious saddles the other marks of honor. Inside that building, behind them, are another errr 10 “quartermaster” NPCs. I believe all of those require Marks of Honor.

Anyways, I’m not a PvP type of player but I was using abilities I normally don’t bother with and was having a blast kicking AI in the teeth. lol So, if your not into PvP like me I’d give this Comp Stomp a try. It’s was/is alot of fun plus I was able to collect some transmogs, got a bunch of collection and PvP achievements done.

Cheers - Tom (Cette)

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ok, did some more brawling last night. I have some of the information above wrong … right idea different currency or leveling costs ie: 8800 / level now vs 5500 / level before.