Grounded from Obsidion (I can't be the only one getting eaten by spiders

Grounded you’re a preteen that got (think honey i shrunk the kids) got caught in an experiment. you’r stuck in your back yard and have to survive. i was having a rough time at first. slowly starting to learn it. don’t worry about dieing you only have to run back to your body and get your stuff no penalty. but i did start game over do to dieing in a bad location. has auto save and manuel and saves on log out.1 to 4 players and creative mode. it’s currently early access so yeh sometimes the bugs have bugs. it has an arachnaphobia mode that makes the spiders not look like siders.

Light on content for now, and keep in mind that you can only do multi player through an XBox account. There is no dedicated server mode, or Steam support (if you get it on Steam).

The spiders being turned into marshmallows with eyes is fantastic, though :slight_smile: