Ground vehicles

So I’m looking to getting a couple terrain vehicles in the upcoming sale, any suggestions to which is better than the others?
I was looking at the nox and cyclone

I suggest trying them out, the nox and cyclone are totally different, nox is kinda eazy mode hover bike kinda avoids stuff for you by hovering higher.

there are 4 main ground vehicles.

hover bike: nox and dragon fly, there is the x1 but that isn’t flyable
tire: rover and cyclone (and all it’s variants)

As Whatever said, definitely try them out before you buy.
But it also depends a lot on what you want it for and how you plan to ferry it around.

The bikes can fit in almost any multi-crew ship that can carry cargo. The Ursa fits in very few ships and the Cyclone falls somewhere between the other two.

The Cyclone is actually bigger than it seems, for instance: It will not fit in a Cutlass or a Freelancer. Why this is the case I have no clue, but it is what it is. However, the Cutlass can hold 2 bikes comfortably.

So you need to decide how you will transport your ground vehicle, and that might determine which is best for you to use. Other than that, try them out and see what you like. I love the Dragonfly and I am not a huge fan of the Nox, but some feel the exact opposite.

And of course you don’t have to wait for them to be available in the free fly to try them out. Just shout out in gen chat that you are thinking of buying one and ask if anyone can let you take one for a spin. I am sure someone will be happy to oblige.

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Don’t forget the buggy. Greycat that is.

And also the Nova tank…