Grim Dawn

Anyone still playing or tried out the new expansion. I haven’t played in a while are there any good mods to get?

Is the new expansion out? Ill have to start playing again.

Currently building/been building just dinged 96th a Aether / Physical dmg base Shadow Knight. Soldier + Necromancer. Watched a couple builds on youtube and went from there. Last week I made it to Ashes of Malmouth on Ultimate difficuly. Going to play through that (skipped it in normal + veteran on this build) then off to the expansion.

Expansion hits 27th of March on Steam.

No coop play right?

I really don’t know if it has coop or not. never looked. That said I do not remember, in any video/feature list, of coop being discussed.

It has coop I have played with Vowels before.

Yes, one player hosts, other people join in. 4 player max.