Greetings and thank you!

Greetings everyone!

Just got my OTG application approved so thought I start with an introduction who I am.

I am a 34 year old male, living in Sweden, working as an archaeologist and project leader with excvations, history etc. Was on my first excavation at the age of 15.

Started playing games at the age of 4 and since then it has been consoles, portable games, PC and some Mac. Plays everything more or less but really like big worlds or well-crafted stories where you just can do whatever you feel like or do a deep-dive into the game. My work is often very intense so it is very nice to come home and relax in a game/forum/discord and just have a good time!

Also do some game development when I have the time and also do some digital archaeology mostly photogrammetry.

Really looking forward to get know you and feel free to ask anything if you are curious!


welcome. Sounds interesting, I am going to have to google photogrammetry and see what that is.

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Välkommen till OTG! (Jag vet bara lite svenska…)

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Thank you very much!

In short photogrammetry or sometimes called structure from motion depending on techniques you use is when you use photos and let a computer software do a 3D-model from them.

A digital photo consists of pixels (small squares that have a color). You take a photo with a camera or cell phone from three different directions with an overlap between the photos from about 60-80%. Depending on what you want to do a model of the number of photos can vary from maybe 20 to several hundreds. You then put the photos in a software like Agisoft Photoscan (now called Metashape) or some similiar software.

The program then calculate the coordinates of the pixels (by algorithms) and creates what is called a point cloud which is in 3D. You then tell the program to connect the points so they have a surface (called faces) between the points.

You now have a 3D-model, but to make it look like the object you photographed you tell the software to put a texture on it and you now have a full 3D-model.

In archaeology we often use it to be able to have the exact model of an excavation which allows deeper analysis or make it possible to do it after the field work is done which is great when you have time constraints in the field.

But it also becomes more and more used in games, that’s one way to achieve photorealistic graphics. One example of this applied in games is in the Vanishing of Ethan Carter (there are alot more and more is under development. Also used for characters in games but then it is often with several cameras take their photo at the same time so the person doesn’t move.

So it is interesting and the method have improved alot since I started using it in 2010 but I’m far from an expert, but it is fun to experiment with and develop.

Tack så mycket! (Thank you very much!) That was a pleasent surprise! Swedish isn’t the easiest language to learn and especially not finding our different letters like ä :slightly_smiling_face: How did you learn Swedish?

Since I don’t know where you are from yet, can’t answer back in your language if it isn’t English. So far I speak Swedish and English, mostly understand Norwegian and Danish. Have studied French for 6 years but haven’t kept it active so would need alot of relearning to get that fully going again. Also have one year of latin but that would also need some relearning.

Looking forward what the future will bring for me in OTG and what I can bring to everyone.

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I spent a year in West Africa, and my best friends there were Swedish, so I learned a little. I have always wanted to visit Sweden… maybe someday!

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:smile: Wow that’s cool! I can learn you more Swedish if you would ever feel the need and yes you should come to Sweden. Are you from the US?

What did you do in West Africa? Never been to any country in Africa yet. Had a fellow student at university for a couple of courses who came from South Africa, and also my French teacher in high school left Sweden to work with wildlife in South Africa especially cheetas.

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Welcome! I dub thee Guild Digger! :smiley:


Thank you so much for the welcome and title! Made me laugh more than it should have, but I like it :grinning: Already having a fun time and the journey have just started!


Welcome to the guild. I hope you find our community as enjoyable as I have over the years!


Thank you so much! Sounds great and yes so far the community has been great, fun and very helpful so I’m very thrilled and happy to have joined and looking forward to the coming years!

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Welcome, for sure, Loleth. Hope to see you in-game.

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Thank you very much! What games are you playing @Pepino ? Open for all game suggestions so we can absolutely met in-game, always fun to meet new people.

Lord of the Rings Online primarily (Arnor server). I dabble with Outlaws of the old West on occasion and Uncharted Waters Online as well.

Welcome to guild, my nephew is an archaeologist, he is currently working on his masters degree :slight_smile:

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Well there are certainly some old fossils in here :stuck_out_tongue: