Greeting all in ESO returning member

Hello all I coming back to the game from a long absence. help set up this chapter way back when the game was first released as a recruitment officer. But I never got into the game back then. Think I played to much beta :stuck_out_tongue: I looking forward in getting back into ESO even though I never got very high level so I playing a new character. The game seems a lot better and look amazing I play both on PC and on Xbox . It also good to see some of the old fold like Tess and Ulfgaard still around . well se you all in game and my ingame name is Lawpel.


Hi Egile/Lawpel
The PC ESO guild is very active. Lots of people play regularly, fully equipped Guild hall with guild events and activities. Guildmates are super helpful and there is always someone around who can answer questions, help you level, etc.
I hope you join us on PC :grinning:
Iā€™m LotramN61 in game.

Woot. Welcome back, egile!

Welcome back

Welcome Back!