Greedfall Gameplay and Character Development - YouTube Video

Not sure if anyone else is following GreedFall but it has a distinctly Witcher feel to how it looks. This is a newer trailer showing some of the game play and character development.

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Been interested in this one ever since I heard about it. Kinda reminds me of The Witcher crossed with Dragon Age set in colonial times. Yet another game that I probably don’t need, but I’ll end up pre-ordering anyway.

Coming out next month, apparently. I’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

It is getting good reviews.

I’m liking what little I have played of it so far.

I think it is really solid. I only have the cabin boy and the cousin quests left (I think) before I sail off to the island. Combat around the town has been a little easy so the gear I’ve picked up is just clutter in my bags right now. For an RPG character development is a big part so hopefully the gear, traits, influence becomes more of a player. I sense the starter town is really just a training guide so I would expect and hope so once I’m off in the new world.

Big fan of the setting and so far big fan of the game.

I made it almost to the end of the starter area and then started over. Plenty of stuff tempting me with that lvl 1 lockpicking requirement. I went with the warrior/soldier starting class and didn’t pick up lockpicking and you won’t be able to get it until lvl 5 if you don’t start off with it.

So far I am liking the game. The visuals are good, the voice acting is quality, The combat is more natural and not the weird, off-putting, paper-rock-scissors-like combat of Spiders’s previous game, Technomancer. Character movement is a bit unpolished, but not so much that it really detracts from the game much at all. I like how the quests in the starter area are already building up the political and religious tension and intrigues between the different factions. Seeing a reputation system with the factions that lends gives consequences to your responses in dialogues. Combat around town is pretty easy, but I imagine once you get to the island the enemies will start getting tougher by way of monsters and human enemies that shoot back as the enemies in towns seem to have no firearms.

All in all I am enjoying Greedfall and I am glad Spiders put out a good game.

Yeah, with each quest there really isn’t a good or bad guy which is pretty nice. Each side has their own motivation both neither really good or really bad and it is up to you to decide how to you want to resolve based on your own moral code. I helped the alchemist guy escape instead of turning him in, but he wasn’t any better than the faction that wanted him arrested and I thought maybe I’ll run into him later and he can sell me some potions. I attempted to arrest the heretics because I wasn’t sure if they would be of any value later due to being historians, but really I didn’t want a couple of pilgrim look a likes wanting to join my party. I know I would never select either based on looking like a silly pilgrim. They resisted being arrested.

All I think I have left is the cabin boy and cousin. I’m sure both will lead to moral dilemma and I’ll have to decide which way to solve it. I’m taking my time and trying to do all quests to delay leaving for the Island since I don’t think you come back and I want that voyage to be a “kick ass I’m finally heading to the cool part of the game” instead of just hurrying to the island as fast as possible. I’m more excited for all the supernatural stuff that awaits. Supernatural shooters are my favorite genre.

I went with the tech class. Traps and fire arms. I like the sound of the muskets and you also do a lot of melee with rapiers. Sounded like a good mix of melee which I enjoy more and blasting a musket for fun. Traps I haven’t used too much. Lock picking is the first item I picked up. There isn’t a ton of stuff to get except a couple gold pieces and crafting items. I did get a better rapier (blue) out of a chest, but I need one more point in agility. I think a musket from another one which also needs another point in agility.

I’ll probably point a few points in magic just to check it out.

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I have this game on wishlist - will wait until it hits a price point that I like and then I’ll buy it. It has me very intrigued.

It’s good, I like it. I tried the Witcher 3 and couldn’t get into it. This is probably a W3 lite, but I’ve really enjoyed the game. I’m around level 15 so still getting into the meat and bones, but watch some vids on get a good feel for it.