GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 - FREE a the Epic Game Store (Until 5/20/2020 (I think)

That’s right GTA 5 is being given away for free from the Epic Game Store. Just download the game store, create an account, when you do you will receive a 10 dollar coupon (good for games 14.99 or more) and you will be able to download Grand Theft Auto 5 for FREE. I never played GTA5… but for free I will give it a shot…

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Haven’t played it since it came out, but it was fun at the time. I’ve taken epic up on this offer.

Thank you … haven’t bought it yet. Last one I played was number 2? the one before the “hot coffee” in the series.

on Epic the cut off date was 5/21 something like 8am … EST? something like that.

Thank you Bones, I’m currently downloading it.

I downloaded a copy too. I’ve never played any of the GTA series, but I’ll give it a try for free.