Gorshum's General Guide to Raiding

So as you all know PeaPlum was kind enough to put a great short guide up on raiding recently and it really got me thinking. While it addressed some great points and covered some good information there were still other things I felt are important for prospective new/returning raiders to know about and a few things no one really talks about often. So I decided to make a more in depth guide that covers raiding in a general sense for those who wanted to sink their teeth deeper into the subject.

For a bit about me I have done savage/heroic equivalent raiding for about 14 years off and on. Most of that has been in games like WoW, Rift, SWTOR, etc. In that time I have lead guilds, lead raid groups, been an officer, been a normal member, etc. I have been a tank, a healer, and a dps. I’m not the absolute authority on the subject and I certainly don’t claim to be but I like to think I’ve picked up a thing or two in my time that I can share with you all.

This won’t tell you how to do o12s or Molten Core specifically but much of it will be widely applicable to various games. Some is specific to FFXIV and some will even specifically relate to getting older and how that affects our ability to raid.

With that said I hope you all enjoy and that this helps you out as you think about stepping into the world of raiding.

Had the great opportunity to review it and excellent guide. Love that it is both philosophical, in getting a person to consider why they are raiding, as much as pointing them to the tools that can help along the way. We all know the issues of dealing with others, this gives a good heads up on what is possible to expect and be prepared!