Goodbye Local Chat

I do think the change is arbitrary since null isn’t wh space, we have jump gates after all. As someone who has lived in WH space and nullsec for years this isn’t going to change much for nullsec aside from an increase to the barrier of success that smaller groups will have a hard time with. This is nothing new for CCPlease; Most of the changes to nullsec only raise the difficulty for smaller and less organized groups to be successful. Groups like GSF are largely unaffected. This is going to push more people out of renter corps and into the big blue doughnut for safety and isk potential. The salt on the official forum is mildly amusing.

I agree with your analysis, I don’t think its good for the health of the game.

The more prevalent the blue donut becomes, the more people leave for other more exciting games. We’ve already seen a good number of high profile GSF leave after conquering tribute. Why play when there is nobody left worth fighting?

The roaming pvpers are salivating for kills, but people aren’t going to sit around and die repeatedly. They are going to move to expensive protected ships like rorqs and titans. Or they are going to use very cheap expendable ships that produce lame killmails.

I expect an overall decline in active players as a result of this change.

I dunno, on one hand you can’t just jump into a system and know if there’s activity in an anom, but also you won’t see anyone coming when you are mining away or ratting. It’s a mixed bag I guess, but it still favors a the aggressors who are shotgunning systems already using d-scan to find targets. They will just have to do that with every system. Intel channels will be 99% useless.

As expected, logged in players are down 10-20%. Overall activity has declined significantly.

People in large null blocs using rorquals and super carriers to pve has increased. The lack of gangs coming through has left them more time to krab.

Well, sure, bots can’t just sit out there and mine on script anymore. They’ll figure it out and wait.

Kek, they came to Delve the first day, and then it just died off . Umbrella too stronk.