Good News about Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett Will Play Every Xbox One Game Ever Made


Published on Jun 20, 2019

Xbox Scarlett was announced at E3 2019, and gamers have been ready to play it since. New reports have revealed some specs for the console, but now, Microsoft has confirmed that the console will be fully backwards compatible with all Xbox One games.

oh backwards compatibility… didn’t Sony start that with the ps2 and had it ever since? I’m wondering when MS will just ship a PC with windows 10 and call it an xbox. err too late lol.

no, Sony scrapped it with their second generation ps3s (ps3 slim) and has been ever since.

PS4 is forward compatible with PS5. That was one of the reasons I went in on a PS4 this late in the current generation, esp. given my abysmal track record with prior consoles.

That’s the rumor going around. I haven’t seen an official declaration from Sony about it yet but then I haven’t really been looking that hard. I prefer my Xboxes over my Switch and PS4s.