Good Morning

Hello all. Any of you OTGers still playing STO? I have several characters in a fleet that I have been a member of since release, but I figured I might add at least one of my characters to the OTG fleet (to stay in touch so to speak). I currently have an unfleeted Fed character named Imogen@Ayela that I could add if anyone still plays.


Hi! It’s pretty quiet, there’s a few players once in a while when new stuff releases. If you still want an invite for that char, let me know.

Sure why not? Thanks :slight_smile:

“That player is not accepting guild invitations”, I’m guessing there’s a setting to change

should be good now. was getting spammed in the past - must have turned it ‘off’

Still the same error, maybe try relog?

will do


Promoted so you can access storage and bank. Welcome! :slight_smile:

@Benbrada can be closed

Thanks again!

Do you mean @Viking :slight_smile:

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I don’t follow all of the organizational shakeups :stuck_out_tongue:

So he’s the one I have to talk to about a raise? :japanese_ogre: :love_you_gesture: