Going live?

When do ya’ll think it is going to go live? just wondering

By all accounts the game is still in pre-alpha state so trying to guess even the year it will go live is like trying to determine a rough date when the universe will end. I backed this at the Pathfinder level years ago (the second most I’ve spent buying into a game before it is released). I have stopped even thinking about it until there it at least makes it into Alpha. Then I might stop thinking about it again until it hits beta and my pledge kicks in.

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I backed Pantheon and Ashes because I wanted to “put my money where my mouth is”. I want a better game to play, but don’t want to wait for someone to get the right concept. I believe AoC is much further along, but it has way more resources to work with. There is a good possibility that Pantheon will never be released. If the developers who are passionate about it find jobs doing something else, it can all fall apart.

By the time Pantheon comes out, I might not want a game that I have to find a group in anymore.

Given how its original CCO developed other games, my guess would be when they can no longer suck any money out of their backers. It will then be dumped on the masses ready or not in one last big money grab.

Thanks guys that cleared up my mind on it,.

I don’t think Pantheon will be ‘dumped’ for the money. Instead, following the last several video’s they put out, I think that Chris /Joppa might let the perfect prevent the good from making it to release.
The world we actually live in is not perfect, but we can appreciate the good and or the best of it. Why expect perfect game?
I agree with Elmin that grouping just to take a walk is a bit over the top, but I enjoy grouping with, or even sometimes just listening to OTG chat, adds to a game. We are an interesting bunch.

LOL yes we are an wonderus bunch )

Well i look forward to the PA sessions when they have them because the game is actually ya know fun…unlike most shit put out nowadays by other studios. But to each their own. Realistically a couple years to release…but i agree with PTook…hope they don’t bite off more than they can because they game is already fun flaws and all, but keep it small and add on later…