Gloomhaven Co-op spitball

Hey gang. I’m just looking ahead here a bit…I have both the online and board versions of Gloomhaven and the time line on the PC says it should be all done by end of the 2nd quarter and I got to looking at the mercenaries and the mobs and wondered if there were enough people around who would want to do a full co-op campaign once it’s available. Gloomhaven is on sale atm and there are plenty of videos and articles about it…it’s kind of involved but might be fun if the group plays once every week or two. This post could have gone down in Virtual Tabletops but since I’m advocating the PC version (which is WAY cheaper than the board) I put it here. Was just a thought to see if there is any interest. Cheerio!

(now they just need PC Middara…;p)

I’ve never played Gloomhaven but it looks interesting! If my schedule permits I would be down for a co-op game.