Giving EVE a trial looing for an invite

Requesting an invite to the guild /corp . I played once a very long time ago and can’t find that account . I started an Alpha account and discovered that I should have gotten a friend invite for a lot of skillpoints not sure how to fix that only been playing a few days so not a huge loss. Thanks, Lesizmore.

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JKHO is the active corp. We are based in the Aghesi area of Domain. Right now there is a Trig Invasion nearby, so be careful traveling. Put in an app and I can accept it. OTG Public is the public channel.

Do you accept beginners? Realh BEGINNERS. In theory, I have some knowledge, I just download EVE and search the Internet for interesting and useful information. I learn rather quickly. Do you have to pay to join the guild? (I don’t have much)

I read many sources, I looked for the safest one. It’s easy to ask for your friends’ opinions on Facebook and forums, but Google is the best and good. Google is good and nice and we speak very well about LGBT. We are very tolerant because EVERYONE can buy spark from us. EVE Online is a great game with a great community. I am most interested in caring for ecology and respecting human rights - this is good.
Just like buying ISK for Eve Online - all major corporations supply Odealo (we support LGBT) and buy EVE Isk
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I just joined the guild corp myself. Post a request to join and they’ll give you the info to get started. I learned quickly that don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose so take it easy for a while would be my advice it’s what I’m doing.

I understand, thank you very much for your reply. Do you have any advice on where to go and what are the requirements?

Have you played Eve before? Send Copstash a mail. If he doesn’t get back to you soon, send me one.