Getting to Know Each Other

Hello, my husband, Jar, and I are going to be playing Pantheon. In the mean time we are playing WoW and are wondering if any of you all are currently playing WoW or would like to join us while we wait. We play on the Alliance side but are ok with Horde as well. Also we play as a Tank and Heals duo.

Hey, I’m a warrior on alliance on WOW. I play all the time so hit Choson up in game anytime.

Love your idea but besides a quick trip back in EQ live for a couple months been pretty much playing single player games. Battletech , Grim Dawn, and some Skyrim.

On a different note. Been following Pantheon since errr 2013? When they had the kickstarter. Getting kinda burned out waiting … lol … going on what 6 years now?

Some of us have been running a Friday night EQ2 night. Just playing nostalgically. No mentoring from high level. Real lowbies. There is a post on the EQ2 forums if you’re interested. We will all be playing Pantheon.

I sit in station and spin while my skills slowly accrual in EVE Online.

Sometimes I play Everquest Project 1999.

I’ll be playing as well when it launches. Looking forward to playing an enchanter again. Currently I’ve been playing single player stuff as well. This is the first MMO that has peaked my interest in awhile. Look forward to seeing you all in game sometime.

I am thinking I will probably be playing Pantheon when it hits. Probably going to pledge into the beta tier this summer/fall, depending on when it moves into beta or is announced to move into beta. I don’t play WoW though sorry, I’m doing very little online gaming right now and avoiding MMO’s altogether. I play Generation Zero in a weekly static group, I was playing The Division 2, but that has stagnated hard for me right now. Mainly I play in my tabletop online D&D group every Friday, I’ve rekindled my love for the ole tabletop type gaming again after a 20+ year hiatus.

I was looking at some other MMO’s like Chronicle of Elyria, Ashes of Creation and New World, but I’m not too sure about any of those. I do know that I prefer the idea of the mixed class system of Ashes of Creation and the classeless/skill based system of Chronicles of Elyria over the one class system of Pantheon, but something in my gut tells me I am going to prefer Pantheon’s old school-ness and it’s Everquest pedigree to bring back even a bit of that early MMO nostalgic magic. Plus two of my friends (a married couple) that live near me are looking to move from WoW to Pantheon when it comes out so it would be great to play with them too.