Get a transmog for watching 15mins of twitch later today, 8/25/21


Nice! Thanks for the heads up!


[Prime Gaming]:
Kray___ just claimed Verdant Trapper Skin! Thanks for the Drops @newworldordershow

Everyone, make sure you have done this link:
Connect Twitch/Steam together for drops process

CURSES! I missed it :frowning:

I missed it too, wish they’d given more time than same day notice! Yesterday was crazy busy, trying to get a ton of things done before the weekend. :frowning:

EDIT: By they I meant New World, OTG gets news out FASTER than lightning. :smiley:

You can check the !drop schedule here:

It looks like it is still active.

Any of these streamers might show !drops in their title. Periodically check to see if any are streaming with that tag. Just watch their stream.
Recently, these folks stream in the evening and are live taking Q&A.

Make sure you connect your two accounts here.
Connecting will enable Twitch to move all your NW skins over to Steam automatically.