Gear 500+ is recal only?

My gear score seems to be stuck around 508

I have re-calibrated gear to get it up in the 5teens but I have not found a single item in the wild over 500.

Anyone discovered a treasure of 500+ stuff or is it all just recal items?

From what I’ve read the maximum gear score for a dropped item is 500, so recal is it for higher

Is this a world tier issue?

I am T5 so I do not think that is the problem.

But we do not have a T6 yet…

I’m far from expert at this game (or any game), but I’m T5 and had 490-500 gear drop last night in the two daily missions I did … they were on the hardest difficulty. Not sure if that helps or not!

I’m WT5, GS 504, hopefully pushing 505 tonight and I have yet to see any gear drop that is higher than gear score 500. The only way I have bumped up my GS past 500 is through re-calibration.

Yeah, 500 is max. But, you can creep it up a bit, through calibrating your attributes on each piece. Like Crit and Weapon damage, for example. I believe 515 if you already have good roles on the attributes. Sadly most of us have to upgrade the talents instead. So its a little harder to achieve the higher scores.

Some changes coming from the PTS. Gear score will go back to the original score and you’ll get a re-calibration score. So anything currently 515, for example, will go back to 500 with a recalibration score of 15.

You’ll be able to get 515 gear post update, but only from the Dark Zone (at least insofar as what they’ve announced).

I heard that 515 will drop from raids as well.

So let me get this straight, anything I have recalibrated at this point that is up to GS 515 will revert to GS 500? If that is how it is going to play out I do not care for that at all.

I’m not liking this 515 gear only dropping in the Dark Zone, I think that is a BS move trying to force everyone into PvP if they want to progress and that is not cool.

Really not feeling these changes at all.

Yes, it will suck that your gear score may lower however that number truly does not make a difference. What will make a difference though are the changes to recalibrating gear. Once the changes go live we will be able to steal highest roll attributes to move on to the gear sets you want and that attribute will not be “capped”. For example if you were to trying to move a 15% crit chance from once piece of gear under the current rules it would be “capped” and if it was a 500 gs piece then it would raise the gs to 515. With the new system you won’t get that 515 gs boost but you will keep the whole 15% attribute. My advice would be to start stock piling 500 gear score pieces and be ready to probably change out some of your current gear when the patch goes live.

I agree with the gear dropping in Dark zone idea. The easiest fairest solution is to simply have gear that is built on “pvp” only stats for example instead of bonus dmg to elites then give bonus damage to players. If it was set up like WOW lets say anyone that wants a “pvp” set can gladly go get it in the dark zone, but that set would be useless in pve content.

I will also not be happy if I have to run something one time per week with a slight chance of it dropping 515 gear, but then another player can live in the dark zone for a week and get a full set of 515 after a few days.

so much this.

I can only speak on the “Xbox” experience when it comes to PVP, but my first valid attempt at Dark Zone grinding was halted after 1 hour when a group of 3 players exploiting the “specialization weapon glitch” rained on our parade. This was the same problem they had in Division 1, every week there was a new “exploit” and players used it to get the upper hand. Where I grew up we called that “cheating” now we just call it PVP lol.

If they want us PVE folks to venture into the Dark Zone for hours at a time they have to at least make it a fair fight. I should not have to worry about being one shot by a grenade launcher that another player is not suppose to even have ammo for. Make PVP fair and balanced and then maybe, just maybe I will risk my hours of gameplay time to escape with that one nice piece of gear lol.