Gaming in Virtual Reality

I am a VR gamer as well as PC, playstation- I have a quest Rift and (believe it or not) Magic Leap. Before it was stolen, I also had the playstation Vr. I love to talk all things VR - whether it VR Medicine, Training, Senior Care, or GAMES. I would love to encourage more VR discussions here at the OTG.

I just bought the Quest and will be playing stand alone along with he the PC link to Steam, but unfortunately the delivery date is late August. Subject to change I’m sure. I’ll only use for games and movies.

You may find some of the social apps are handy-particularly altvr’s virtual mtgs

ok, I’ll check it out once delivered. It moved to early Aug so hopefully that will stick.

I just picked up the Quest 2 on launch day. Anyone who has not tried VR out, It is is an amazing experience. I’m playing walking dead saints and sinners & Arizona sunshine till my link cable comes, then I’ll try the new half life.

I just have the quest. It took 3 links cables before it worked. I love it, I do get tired of standing and my gaming area is my office and not that large so I hit the boundary when trying to open cabinets etc in HL. One thing that is cool and annoys me in HLF is using my hands to reload the shot gun and cock the shell in place. It’s neat, but slow. Thankfully the zombies are a bit slow. Set your movement up in the HLF menu to move like a AWSD and fix spin so you won’t spin at 25% 50% etc.

Check out Star Wars Squadrons. Flying X wings and Ties is really cool. Senua’s Sacrifice looks great in VR. I finished it prior and only played VR to check it out. Short game, but combat is great. Movement is a bit wonky.

Cons - Didn’t think about not being able to see my keyboard or flight stick for games such as Elite Dangerous and SW. I’m constantly having to pull my head set up to look for my spit cup… I dip when I game. Pull the batteries out of your controllers when not using. They bleed power over a few days.

My daughters absolutely love Beat Saber (stand alone). I find it fun too. Since the gyms closed in my area due to Covid I actually use the Rocky boxing game as a work out and it works really well.

   Thanks for the suggestions. I picked up a cable from Amazon after reading hundreds of reviews and it has been good so far. Started HL last night and its amazing! I messed with the steam and hl settings so I could play sitting down, after an hour my dogs are barking something fierce. I already play Elite and No mans sky so Ill have to give them a test run. Thanks for the tip with the controller batteries, Ill keep that in mind. I plan on getting some rechargeable batteries but I think I've spent enough money  this week so that will have to wait lol.

I didn’t think about trying to find a way to play HL sitting down. I figured with all the ducking and reaching down it wouldn’t work. I’ll need to check that out. I haven’t played in a bit because Star Wars came out and then Baldur’s Gate 3EA. Thankfully my flight controller isn’t overly complicated so it allows SW to play pretty easily. In VR you can look left and right and see your x-wings wings open which you cannot in non VR and you can look behind and see your droid which you cannot do in in non VR.

I only rebooted elite to check our VRe and got my ship blown up by the station before I could figure out how to thrust with the controllers. Switched to a cheap ship and used the flight stick just to be safe. Not very much time flying, but plants look massive and the orbital stations look really big. That’s about all I saw, but it was cool. I’ll come back when the space legs is released next year.