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I am in the process of needing a new computer gaming desk. I am looking for some suggestions. I do not want a stand up desk. I will have plenty of room for a straight desk I was thinking L shaped but will not work with room where going to be setting it up. Any suggestions on a good desk with plenty of room would be appreciated…

I have an IKEA desk. There’s many sizes, styles, etc. Try there first.

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IKEA was going to be my suggestion as well.

Yes…I agree IKEA would be a great place to start.

I purchased a new desk for christmas, it was something similar to this, simplistic but with plenty of room and a decent price

amazon link

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I have had various gaming setups through the years. What I have now is the best setup and good for when after 2 back surgeries sitting at a normal chair just isn’t what I want to do for hours of work or gaming. A really good powered recliner Café Zero Gravity Recliner | Relax The Back with a standing desk Gaming Desk | UPLIFT Desk on wheels works awesome. You recline back in a nice ergonomic position and wheel the standing desk over your legs putting the keyboard at just the right spot. My old setup had a manual recliner under a raised desk that I then had to slide the recliner under. Power adjustable chair with adjustable standing desk on wheel is so much better. Does it cost a ton, yes. I am old and could afford it and who knew that 3 years after I bought it I would work from home on it. Call me spoiled.


As much as the ikea slab is not my style…there are SOOOO many things you can do with it. The ubiquitous drawers are just one of many. It is an icredible simple yet dynamic desk idea. Also look into the new Secret labs gaming desk…looks pretty cool too.

I purchased a MojoDesk, which is an adjustable sit/stand desk, in August 2019 because I needed something I could adjust to my own height, whether sitting or standing. Because my scoliosis has become more of a problem standing or sitting in an unsupported position, I had to find a solution (unfortunately its not just a desk solution needed, but a combination desk and chair).

The best part of this desk is that I could order whatever extra peripherals I wanted. In fact I don’t even have my pc sitting on my desk, but on an old wooden side table that belonged to my grandfather (next to the side of my desk out of the way).

As far as a chair, I went back to my old standby ‘bar stool’ option with a back rest. I’ve had this chair for years and only needed to replace the seat cushion once: Black Vinyl Drafting Chair. I’ve found that this is perfect since I can actually adjust the height of this to fit whatever desk I am using, as well as the back support which also can be adjusted to fit your back support needs. This chair is on casters as well, so it is easily moved around.

Here’s hoping you are successful in finding something that works for you.


im jealous of having a spinal column that can handle that chair lol

Bought this sit/stand desk as a reward for finally getting permanent WFH status.

That’s some setup. Glad you were able to get it done.

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Excuse me while I wipe the drool from seeing that monitor! :rofl:


LOL its not done. i scrapped the entire initial design. I went from that SUW 49" 32:9 monitor to a 43" 4k 144hz gaming monitor that is 16:9 the Monster rack mount surge protector is now mounted underneath the desk. The microphone is now on a boom arm and shock mount. And the small 10" monitors are now on a vertical tower triple mount. . Definitely a work in progress.