Games Hurt

Keep in mind i am on SSID for a reason. No Drama. This is not drama here is the facts. Keep in mind May is coming up and Mental health awareness month. I know this is early. Yes my name is Brent. You ought to listen to Barry Poole he turned down a 2 million dollar contract to be with his daughter and hes back singing. You may know him as Cledus Judd. take care and thanks Barry.

NIMH Stats

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I’m not sure I tracked the meaning of your post, but I’m chiming in in solidarity: For people like myself who suffer from mental health issues, almost everything can hurt.

Those suicide statistics are tragic and alarming. I had no idea white men had such a high suicide rate compared to almost everyone else.

It’s why I contribute to LOTRO community manager Cordovan’s Movember donation campaign.

I am caregiver to a daughter with Bipolar and she suffers tremendously.