Game Status?

So Im a backer and still looking forward to this game. I just havent had time to keep myself updated on the games progress. Anyone have any good info ?

It’s currently in beta testing for those with appropriate access. The NDA is still largely in effect, but they do a good job updating the site at and Mark Jacobs does a weekly update Fridays on Youtube.

The public information they have shared indicates they are making good progress and have been focusing on building/destruction, custom ability creation, and some graphic and UI stuff. The game is still using a 32-bit client, so the graphics won’t really take off until they move to the 64-bit client.

Overall, its looking really good, but I don’t think there is any specific target yet for the next beta stages or release.

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Hey folks,
I do get the emails from CU, but I don’t keep up with the progress. Do you think it’ll be another year before an open beta?

I believe they are planning three stages of closed beta before going to an open beta test. Beta 1 started July 31, 2018 and is still going. I am not aware of a set date for Beta 2 at this point. I don’t think it will be another year, but its really hard to say right now.