Game play?

First off, I had a stroke in 2010. I play lots of games with a left handed Naga. A lot of space simulators are intentionally made difficult to play, and you need to have two hands to play. My question, is this one of those games? Can you guys, try playing a little with one hand and let me know if you think it can be done. I would hate to buy the starter package and not be able to play. Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

While it could be done, this game is not designed for single handed play.
You would become frustrated and find yourself at a disadvantage.

With a Naga, maybe the extra buttons would help. But I still think you would find combat difficult.

Now, that said, combat is not all there is to the game (or at least not all there will be)

You could certainly pilot a cargo hauler with one hand, though you would need to spend some time setting up shortcuts and controls mapped to one device. But it could be done and you would get as much out of it as anyone else using two hands. It is where combat is concerned that I think you would start to run into issues.

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Hi, just a drive-by OTGer with no knowledge of the game, but in the off chance this might help:

A few years ago, Microsoft announced an initiative to support disabled gamers and showed some non-standard controllers. Here’s an example article. Maybe you could incorporate your feet?

I hope this helps somehow. Happy gaming!

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Thank you very much for your help.

I will check the article out, thanks. :slight_smile:

Have you looked into Voice Attack? Not sure how it’s working with all updates and haven’t seen
much on it in the last year or so.
And it might help you with other games my nephew used it when he broke his arm, biggest issue he had was programming it for each game or finding a pre made profile.

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Try to get ahold of Turok. He has disabilities as well and he uses voice attack. Keep in mind he is a little bit nuts. Like the rest of us lol.

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Voice Attack is excellent software

thumbs up

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I purchased voice attack and will try it on Elite Dangerous that I have already bought. Cross your fingers, :slight_smile:

It takes a bit of time to properly configure it for all of the things you want it to do.
But in the end it is a very powerful tool. I used to use it a lot, but have since purchased new Throttle and Stick and find it less necessary for my personally. I would imagine it will be a great tool for you