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Hello all. I have very recently joined the Black Desert staff team and I was wondering how I could help my game guild to gain more life, so more membership and this OTG wide membership forum may be of help. So I’ve looked around all topics here and I didn’t see any that would suit my need of sending a guild wide invitation of joining our Guild’s division of Black Desert online.
Sending this in our own BDO topic may not attract much. The member first have to go into it, and as there are so many messages, an invitation message may become lost unless pinned, but the real question is, does a member looking to play another game will really visit all game’s topics one by one unless the member have been suggested to join a game, where the idea of creating a “Game Invitation” topic that could be near the first top topics, would be in my opinion, viable for any game staff to post invitations to play his game for enumerating reasons and stating new changes in the games to attract possible players that could possibly looking for a game change.
This new topic should be monitored like all topics are here I supposed, for abusing uses, like maybe limiting at 1 or 2 post per month per Supported game divisions for example, but outside of this, I think it would be interesting to have such topics that gives highlight of OTG’s supported games for old and new OTG members to explore and choose to join and play. After being attracted to a game to play, I’m sure a member would find it’s way to the appropriate game topic as they are now.
Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance

NCO Black Desert Online (Green)

There used to be a newsletter type thing that came out every so often , giving the state of play in each of the major games we as a guild played. It seemed pretty good at letting people know what was going on in each of these adventures . It was probably quite a lot of work and I haven’t seen one since we moved to these new forums. Im sure it worked pretty well for inter guild recruitment and letting new members know what we all got up to. There was even a new game section showing what involvement OTG had in these games if any. It could be worth nudging some of the CL 's and see if this could be revived in some form
Just a suggestion it may have been discarded previously for reasons unknown to me but I used to look forward to and follow it every month.
Anyway good luck


In my experience, the games folks tend to try out are the ones they actively see around them. Games that have a higher forum or OTG Discord presence tend to top the lists when folks are looking for a new game. Somewhere there is also already a thread where folks are asking what folks are playing in order to perhaps try out something new. Many members have shared their experiences there as well. It’s really all about appearing welcoming and interested in working with new players. Pinned topics are up to your oranges.

I know when I’m looking for a new game to try out, I just pull up a list of featured chapters and see what fun things they’ve had going on. If I’m looking for something smaller or not your average huge MMO type, I head over to General Games for inspiration. I bug people in the Discord lobby for their recommendations.

There may be some options to explore if this is a path your leadership wants to take. If so, have one of your oranges contact me to see what we can work up.

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