Game freezes when trying to load in

I just downloaded Shroud of the Avatar today. I selected online, created a character and went to the mirror, fixed myself up, and then the game tossed me when I tried to save the toon. I tried to “Resume” that toon but the client freezes at Coordintating Data… (63%). The only way out is Task Manager, End Task.

I tried to delete the character and re-create, with same result.

I tried to play Offline and that lets me in just fine!

Went back to Online and still freezes at 63%. But I noticed it is still trying to Resume with my original character that I deleted.

So I deleted the toon again (?) and then tried to create a different name, but it still freezes at 63%… this time it gives the message “Error: The network connection to the game service is lost.”.

I also tried Rebooting.

I’ve searched for clues but the only related discussions are about h/w drivers. Since I got in game once, it doesn’t make sense to me why that would be an issue.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hey I have played shroud of the avatar that game has loads of bugs in questlines too so I could not continue it . What I could suggest is that you reinstall hole game and try again.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

this showed up too “The whole Universe is stuck at 63%. Chris &Lord Subtledon are working on it…” so it can be server crash

Ok thanks. It’s working now. I took a character through the first scene in offline mode hoping that changing scenes would do something. Then I went back to online and it worked. But perhaps it’s just that the servers came back… not sure.