Game Development in 2019

With 2018 closing down in a little over a week, it is time to turn our attention to 2019. Happy New Year!

Do any of the games being tracked in Game Development have announced release dates in 2019?

Keep in mind, some of these are more speculation than others, but here’s what I’ve got currently:

Ashes of Creation:
“Apocalypse horde mode” 3/2019
Alpha 1 Q2 2019
Alpha 2 Q3 2019
Beta 1 2019
Release before 2020

Camelot Unchained:
Beta 1 launched 7/2018
Release scheduled in 2019

Chronicles of Elyria:
Beta: 2019
Release: end of 2019/beginning of 2020

Soft launch in 2019, perhaps Q2.

Currently pre-alpha. Unlikely in 2019.

The Repopulation:

Star Citizen:
A hard release date is not being discussed, but speculation puts it at 2-3 years out. Currently in alpha. Guild support in late spring/summer 2019, likely to experience a “soft launch” here in OTG to accommodate this.

World of Warcraft: Classic
Summer 2019.

I’m sure our game leads have better information on some of these.

We’re casually watching a few other titles. You can find their text channels in the Game Dev section of Discord. These are using the temp channel bot for voice when/if needed. Should any of these garner enough OTG interest, more support can and will be offered (as well as for anything else out there!).

What are you guys watching for 2019? Anything we should be watching?! :confetti_ball: :tada::boom:

Thanks for that. I’m hoping the game leads will chime in with an update on the games they are leading… or maybe just confirming your input if it is accurate. The dearth of collected information has me keeping an eye out for reliable sources (like our guildies acting as game lead).

Until then, here is a recent article forecasting the most anticipated mmos coming in 2019.