Fun With Names

With the long xp buff before the next xpac, the number of alts in Azeroth has skyrocketed. For me, naming is one of the funnest parts of playing RPGs. I want to share some of my new favorite alt names and I’d like to hear yours. Please include explanations if necessary for context or whatever.

Alliance DK named Slaimy. I tried “Slamy” first (like Amy), but my mind kept seeing it as “Slammy”. That wouldn’t do.

Zandalari balance druid: Dangerbird. I like the Neil Young song “Dangerbird”.

Highmountain Tauren DK: After hearing “Anshe guide you” a thousand times I realized I was hearing “Anshe Gaiju” and had to make a toon with that name. “Gaiju” is an alternate spelling for “Kaiju” which is the Japanese word for huge monsters like Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera, etc.

I wanted to find a (insert word)song name based on celestial bodies. I thought of Asteroidsong, Cometsong, Nebulasong. None of those blew my skirt up. A couple days later, Fartsong popped into my head. That blew my skirt up.

I quickly grabbed a name out of thin air for my belf DH: Tandoori. I thought it was an okay name until I looked at my character window and saw my default title with my name: Illidari Tandoori. It reminded me of the Indian dish Tandoori Chicken. I thought “Illidari Tandoori. Yum. That sounds tasty.” I disgust myself. :wink: But the name has grown on me.


Goblin Engineer: Bombvoyage.


Mine are rather boring and not clever. Basically, I followed racial npc characters in the lore, then added my ‘Dhae’ moniker. For example, for my Night elf druid’s name, I came up with Dhaelereth. Named after the Night elf, Delaryn Summermoon (Captain of the Darnassian City Guards during the War of Thorns) and from the ancestral line of Night elves, the Chief Telemancer Oculeth (chief teleportation inventor and engineer), who is a Nightborne.

Plus, it helps me remember who’s who in my character inventory. lol

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Man, y’all are gonna suck me back into WoW aren’t you

female rogue…named Rubmycrit


War, that name just might get banned because of how it is pronounced…lol :joy:

i have had it for quite a while on horde server area 52 lol no reports yet

I don’t play WoW, but I love naming my EQ2 characters.

A couple of my favorites:

Froglok (sentient frog race): Claudehopper

Kerra (sentient cat race): Catsy Climb, Malapurrt Moonclaw, LaPurrla

Elves: Astarie Nebula, Anaslaysia

Gnome: Sir Prise Goodenough (Sir was a purchased title)


Over the years I have had blusac, redsac, goldsac, lorantits. My bank guild is called swollennads. They never said anything to me.

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My Horde banking toon is a scantily clad bloodelf called Skankybanky :slight_smile:


I really like Shankybanky…

That would have to be a rogue :slight_smile:

Used to have a gnome rogue named Puntmi - he was deleted as I hated playing him.

My Highmountain Tauren is named Bessie, my DH is Buffy, the Void Elf priest is named Clariece and there’s a Nightborne mage named Pruue.

I also have a gobby that looks like Dolly Parton named Dollie.


@juulz can you explain the Clariece and Pruue references for me?

I finally came up with a Tauren name a couple years ago: Piestorm. It currently belongs to a warrior I may never play.

I recently came up with another name I like, Hotfood Sorebutt, but it doesn’t work well in WoW: Hotfudsorbut. She’s my Dark Iron Dwarf fire mage.

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Clariece for Clarice Starling on Silence of the Lambs.

Pruue is for Prue Halliwell on the original Charmed.

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My Gnome Warlock: Weebles.
My Draenei light thingy: ShinyGoat
And an Orc Warlock I made: Warlorc.
Gnome Monk: Chopsuzy.
Gnome Mage: Pinklillith (guess her hair colour!)


My warlocks are Doomfinger and Krapatak.
My Zandalari shaman is Manjaganja.

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@juulz - I send a prayer to Shannen Doherty and her stage 4 breast cancer. Hang in there!

Stop killing her, you boobs. Sorry. Too soon?

Kul Tiras toon (not mine) named Dixie Normous. Quite active, so I’m sure many have seen it. Come on, Horde-side, you know you’ve seen it and chuckled and/or rolled your eyes. We’re all 12, deep down.

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Yeah, and a friend of mine called his toon “Lilgreenbstrd” and had to change it :stuck_out_tongue: So there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to that anyway.