Friends of OTG Clan Yellow Faction Hy-Brasil

Good Evening,
I did not start New World with OTG and to be honest at the time my friend convinced me to play it I thought for sure I would walk away from it after the first weekend and ask for a refund. Here we are over a month later I am level 60 and we needed some cool people to play with so we made the transfer from Maldonada to Hy-Brasil. Well I goofed I will admit, we did not account for the fact that we are currently covenant (yellow) faction and had already used up our faction change token in the first week of playing lol. Long story short we are on the Hy-Brasil server now under the names Cptnoobtastic (me) and Krymzun (friend) but we can’t switch to purple faction for another 87 days. I made a clan called Friends of OTG and if you see us in discord we are OTG members that look forward to joining the true rightful faction in 87 days lmao. Until then at least there are no restrictions on doing PVE content together.

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Ballsy name…be prepared for the haters.


Maldonada had so many toxic players on it…trust me we are used to the haters so I think it will be kind of fun for the next 87 days lol…bring it I say!

And heck, you can PvP with us against green.

Yeah we are both more PVE, but if I am on and you all want me to try to heal as many ppl as i can before I die then sure I will join you

Before anyone chimes i about we have a spy, no thats not the OTG way. :slight_smile: grouping is fine but in a war for the next 80 or so days, you will be the enemy. Except in PvE events that is… heh. Please no insider info on what your Faction may or may not be doing. Just not how we are supposed to roll.

Unless its info about green. Green must curl up and go away!

Agree on the ballsy name btw. wowsers…

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