Fresh Start Servers

I am having a blast on the new fresh start server. The game can be played more casually now as the storyline quests actually drop pretty good loot (esp in Brimstone Sands). I am trying out different professions and different weapons than before and am enjoying the horizontal content that was squeezed out in the past due to high end crafting requirements. I noticed a lot of low level characters (below level 10) running around the first tier towns even after a couple of days. The fresh start servers is where new players are likely to come.

I was considering this and initially, up until lvl 12, was enjoying the new feel though it quickly dragged to the point of asking myself, why am I reproducing what my main can achieve at any given moment?

Pro? As you mentioned, new toon, new content / equipment rewards to raise my level.

That’s about it.

Beyond that, because Amazon made this an epic cookie cutter, do all/be all with one character, I’m failing to see the point of the new servers. I can craft any item. I can respec any time to try new character actions, etc.

While I enjoy my time running around with my lvl 60, the “Do all/Be all” really deflates my interest to start anew. IMO, and maybe this is simply Old School thought, I valued the build new character to try a different field. Select only one specialty w/ a secondary attribute, both weapon and crafting. THAT grind that comes with a new character, game defined to run a new path in character life made starting anew worth the adventure.

Meh, my two coppers. I was going to start a thread on this though saw yours and figured it fitting.