Freelancer DUR vs. Terrapin

I was messing around and seeing what I would have upgraded to a Crusader Ares if I was gonna get one and I noticed the price/value difference between the Freelancer DUR and the Terrapin, didn’t make sense to me. The Freelancer DUR is worth $135 and the Terrapin is worth $220…what is up with that? The Terrapin just seems like a smaller, one-crew version of the Freelancer DUR, feels like it should be worth less than the DUR. I have a Carrack and the Freelancer DUR feels like a smaller version of the Carrack functionality-wise.

I am trying to decide which one I will keep and which one I will upgrade to something else and I’m undecided yet. Are these two ships as similar in function as I think or am I missing something that makes the Terrapin more valuable? Given that I have a Carrack, which one is more redundant; the DUR or the Terrapin? Even though it is worth more, I am leaning towards keeping the Terrapin as it is in the small size category and could get through the smallest jump points that the medium sized DUR couldn’t get through. That’s the only thing I can come up with regarding keeping the Terrapin over the DUR at this point.

The DUR is a cargo hauler with expanded fuel tanks. But the real value in the DUR is not even functional yet and that is the fuel refinery on board. It can scoop and refine fuel for itself. That is HUGE for an exploration vehicle.

The Terrapin is not a cargo hauler at all. It is a scanner ship used for front line C&C and for SAR ops. It is not an exploration vehicle either.

Trying to compare the two is like trying to compare a mini van to a cheese sandwich. Nothing alike at all.

IF you had to pick between them, I think the DUR is far more versatile and solo friendly where the Terp is more group based and very niche.

The Carrack cannot house the DUR or the Terp in the hangar it has so that is not even a factor.
Personally, I would give up my Terrapin LONG before I would give up my DUR.

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Thanks that is probably the best answer I could hope to get. Well, good thing I am not looking to get an Ares right now because I couldn’t upgrade the Terrapin to an Ares because they cost the same. Think I’ll just wait and upgrade the Terp to one of the Vanguards later.

The Terrapin is also a lot tougher than the Freelancer Dur. It can take a pounding and shrug it off. The Dur has more firepower with more turrets but cannot take as much abuse as the space Tank.

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Actually not true at all.
The Terrapin has 1 size 2 shield and the DUR has 2 of them.
Since Armor is not implemented in game yet we do not know how those values will look, but in the current HP pool system (which is temporary) the DUR has a little more in the HP pool than the Terrapin.

So it is actually the opposite, the DUR is more durable than the Terrapin.
Also, the Terp has no real offensive capabilities where the DUR is stock with 4 S3 Laser repeaters that are on gimbal/turrets.
The Terrapin has a single Medium computer on board where the DUR has 2 of them. So at some point when blades are implemented we will be able to put AI control of those turrets individually, making them quite powerful.
As far as combat goes, from any perspective, the DUR is just the better option. However, combat is not what the Terrapin is about. It has an advanced scanning suite on board with a dedicated scanner station for the second crew member. The Terp is all about detecting enemies and passing that information to the rest of its fleet so that they can have the best information in battle.

Like I said before, very hard to compare these ships because they are so very different.


You are correct stats wise but i suspect there are some hidden stats as well. I know that the Terrapin is a tough little ship from flying it. Once I forgot to request clearance during take off and slammed into the hangar doors without incident. I have not tried that in my Dur . Another factor to consider is the radar profile…the Terrapin is designed to run stealth while the Dur is not. Apples and Oranges like you said. Personally I like both ships for different reasons. Once they implement armor I suspect the Terrapin will pull ahead of the Dur on resilience. We also might want to consider the Dur has 2 shield generators because it has to cover more ship while the Terrapin is much smaller with a heavy shield making it more tanky. The Dur definitely outguns the Terrapin but the Terrapin just needs to survive long enough to spool up the quantum drive and away it goes.

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Well I definitely wouldn’t be using either of them to dogfight or anything hehe. And I thank y’all for all the info and thoughts. Now I just need something that I want to upgrade the Terp to that is more than $220. I wish there was a way to straight up trade a ship in a package for a different ship that is the same value.

Redeemer, Vanguard and Star Runner are good options at that price point Ryukan

There are probably others (BMM is 350, but there are still CCUs floating around that have it at 250) but I don’t have the price sheet in front of me :wink: