Free Questing Coupon 2024!

Standing Stone is offering coupon for Free Quests! Available until Feb 11, includes dozens of quests. In addition, also offering several packs discounted to just 99 points - check it out!

enjoy - Malachai


Thanks for calling that out. I haven’t played DDO in ages but I’m grabbing this “trove” of goodies as too many/good to pass up. Will also try to find time to play occasionally.

Same. Got tons of stuff from it. Thank you!!!

Also to consider while you are in the store redeeming the above code, check for sales. There are 4 nice content packs now, each for only 99 points ($): Menace of the Underdark, Mists of Ravenloft, Shadowfell Conspiracy and Masterminds of Sharn.


Agreed @Zodanga , I did the same!

Argh I forgot.