Free game testing this weekend

So, Trials of ascension is restarting under a new company. So this weekend they are having a PRE-ALPHA game test. It’s raw but OK. Can’t wait ti fly my dragon again. Here’s their website

And if you like it here’s their kickstarter. But be aware, other companies have had kickstarters on this same IP and people lots money. So don’t give them any money you not willing to lose.

A couple of known bugs or other things to note:

  1. Sometimes the AI will teleport instead of moving-this seems to be rectified simply being in-game though for a short period of time. Or it can usually be solved by logging in or out.

  2. Raknar movement is occasionally buggy sometimes. We are still working on this.

  3. There are no loading screens and between character select and in-game, you will probably freeze for 30s-1m. We are looking into this as well.

  4. If you get stuck somehow, we have implemented an un-stuck option that will take you to the respawn point. Simply press Escape->Unstuck to be returned

  5. The new dragon is implemented however not fully by any means. It’s missing animations and other stuff. Simply switch to another race then back to the dragon to revert to the working placeholder.

So this is a re-release of a previous game? I swear I played this back when it was previously released and it was a so-so game, bolstered for me by the ability to play as a dragon. I hope it gets enough player base to take off and at least find a foothold in the niche MMO market…

I hear you. I researched and saw this IP has a very rocky history. From your description it sounds like the game hasn’t changed much.
I hope these new folks can make a go of it

Looks like they are planning to open servers at 10am eastern or so

I’ve heard once you go dragon you never come back…

Good luck!

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play footage