Free game Copy

I will be getting an extra key for the game at some point here. I bought the Ultimate Edition of the game but I also received a free standard copy with my new vid card. I should be able to give someone the key for the standard copy once AMD gives it to me. Only stipulation is that you actually play the game. I don’t want to give it out to someone that never plays.

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If its not taken already, i was planning on buying the game to play with my friends.

Damn too late. Waugh!

I need to buy two copies so my son and I can play (with friends). Don’t have the money for one even so gonna have to wait for price to drop… :sob:

Also interested, I pinged you on discord.

Ok I think that since JohnAng3l was the first to reply it would only be fair that the key goes to them. Sorry guys :frowning: I may be getting 2 standard keys but not sure AMD is going to let me get 2. I haven’t received the first key yet so yeah haha.

I am very thankful to you, but i think the key should go to Ranter…i mean, i never had the chance to play video games with my father so yeah…give it to him please. Thank you for what you are doing @Sparticus and have fun with your son @RanterX ! :slight_smile:

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Ok sounds good! So I guess Ranter the game will be yours!

OMG you guys… I get paid Monday so hopefully will be able to squeeze out enough money for a copy for my son. I do feel bad though and hope I’m not depriving anyone else the chance to play an amazing game (beta was great)…

Thank you @Sparticus !!!

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@RanterX I still haven’t received the game code so I’m starting to think that I wont get it until release. As soon as I get it from AMD I’ll let you know though!

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No worries thanks!!!

Just wanted to say thanks again to @Sparticus and @JohnAng3l. Haven’t gotten to play much yet but enjoying the game and my son has been slammed with schoolwork and college stuff but we’re hoping to start playing together this weekend. :smiley:

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@Sparticus and @JohnAng3l … so after things calmed down on the college front, I guess I made the “mistake” of introducing my son to a bunch of other games, some while waiting for Division 2. I asked multiple times (even when it was on sale for $20 this week) if he wanted to play D2 (he really enjoyed the first one) but he just isn’t interested in playinig. I guess it didn’t help that we played Borderlands 2 and then watched all those Borderlands 3 videos lol

Anyway, I feel bad about how things ended up. I used the code for myself while my son was busy with college applications and I’ve been playing off and on. Decided to wait a bit while they patched things up but after my son leaves for college next month (sniff) I’ll probably be on more. I feel like I got a copy of the game that should have gone to @JohnAng3l though…

Guess I should have said something during the Steam sale (oops) but maybe next sale if there is something not too expensive you want @JohnAng3l I could gift it to you? Just… I have to pay college expenses so it won’t be the Super Gold-Plated Legendary Collector’s Edition! :wink:

Hey there!! I was on deployement, just came back and im happy for you and your son haha! I’ll be fine i can’t ask anything out of you, your just trying to be awesome! :smiley:

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Broken image, sir.