FPS drops after latest nVidia update and How to get a Free 34-slot bag in WoW DF

There’s a lot of information in this link which includes:

How to fix persistent FPS drops in World of Warcraft after the latest NVIDIA update

The most likely cause of your FPS drops is that Max Foreground FPS was set to 0 after the NVIDIA update. To fix persistent FPS drops in Dragonflight, navigate to your Options by pressing the Escape key. Then, go to Graphics and ensure that you don’t have Max Foreground FPS Toggle enabled. If this is enabled, disable this by ticking the box.

Another possible solution to your problem might be hiding in the Multi-Sample Alpha Test. Again, go to Options by pressing the Escape button and under Graphics and Anti-Aliasing, you’ll find Multi-Sample Alpha Test. Disable it by clicking on the box.

I figured out that my issue was that last step > Graphics and Anti-Aliasing >Multi-Sample Alpha Test. Since I turned this off before I logged into game for raid last night, I only experienced a bit of the typical lag we see, not the horrible slide show, not to mention I did not experience that freeze like I have been.

How do you get a free 34-slot bag in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Make your way to the marked bridge in the image below.
  • Ride your dragon to the waterfall ahead of you.
  • You’ll enter a secret cave as you get closer to the waterfall.
  • Open the chest inside the hidden cave.
  • Pick up the Misty Satchel, the free 34-slot bag.

Thanks…snagged my bag this morning; watch the video and if you fly to the closest fp, you will fly close to the bridge, hop on Dragon and it takes like 10sec

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