FP Weekly Broken?

I finished VM Esseles this morning but it did not advance the weekly. Is it broken?

There are a number of things broken. The points to make conquest is also broken.

doing PVP matches is not broken. If you want to get your points you may need to get out there and PVP a bit.

Do pay attention to the list of what counts for points. Yes, some of them are broken so if you find that you are not getting points go do something else. I thought GSF would count but they don’t.

I finished conquest on my sage this morning and got the points. I’m already done with the points on my commando.

The points mission is just to open up the implants vendor. Once you are done, you won’t have to do it again but you will need to keep doing things to accumulate currency to buy implants and other gear.

lucky you. I did not get my points for completing the conquest.

Unless they change something, gearing in this expansion is going to be long and very painful.