Foxhole - The WW2-esque MMO-RTS; an Individual Soldier's Early Access Experience

So last night on a lark I started playing Foxhole.

“Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. Every individual soldier is a player that contributes to the war effort through logistics, base building, reconnaissance, combat, and more.”

It really is like a RTS where you play one of the units and experience the day to day of that unit in a war (analogous to WW2 - But not based in WW2 thematically).

I played a bunch last night. It’s a kind of meditative game. You run supply lines, build defenses, and fight all in the perspective of a single soldier. The games are long and run several weeks/months sometimes. They are full wars, with two sides (and a neutral faction). It is top down and not twitch/reflex based. I basically just spent the night harvesting materials, and building bunkers, sandbags, etc. And then driving transport trucks back and forth between the front lines and the resource hubs. While transporting things you sometimes get ambushed by other players, or find your own team being ambushed. So suddenly the supply guy has to get out his gun and hope for the best. Most people just rush the front lines and fight, but they soon run out of supplies to fight with and start crying for more ammo, health kits, guns, clothes, etc. That’s where I come in; supply-line to the masses.

So far the community are really great folks. Now there is press to talk VOIP in game in your local area, so you can hear those around you (on both sides). I only had to mute one kid, the rest were pretty decent folks. I had a guy randomly spend 45 minutes teaching me the game. All in all it was pretty cool.

Now there is no character progression, only collective team based progression through tech levels (like an RTS). It is like an RTS where you play just one of the many units in the army. But with no level progression, there is no need to fret about keeping up, you just kind of do things at your own pace.

If you are into slow paced MMORTS, WW2 atmosphere games and/or collective game play. I highly recommend Foxhole. It truely is a unique game in the MMO genre.

It is on-sale right now on Steam:

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