Fountain Pen Day 2021

Today is Fountain Pen Day!

I have a cough few cough… Here’s a pic of one of my favorites… a Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fairy Tale Princess Kaguya

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@juulz Happy fountain pen day! For the month of November, I’m using a TWSBI Diamond 580 EFP (Prussian Blue) with Diamine Oxford Blue ink.

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My fountain pen is currently in a state of temporal displacement due to the ongoing intrastate migratory conditions of uncertainty.

But any one of these will do:




Are those Shimmel pens? Ah no…. The Skeleton Collection by Montblanc. They are very nice looking.

these are so beautiful, I’m jealous :stuck_out_tongue: I will be posting my own when I get home later.

Translation umm you’re moving?

you’re moving?

Confound-it! You decoded my cryptic message. :+1:

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