Forgotten medieval habit

Every once in a while I run across an interesting bit of human history that seems quite peculiar to me for today’s world, but back in past centuries, was quite normal.

After reading this article, it makes perfect sense that whenever I take a late afternoon nap, I am energized until I go to bed later in the night. But the most surprising reaction is that when I wake the next day, I am really quite rested.


that was interesting, thanks for sharing

It’s still in practice today, especially in Italy where businesses typically close from noon or 1pm to about 4-5pm. They go home for lunch and a nap and then return to work. Averaging 36 hours a week.

It is in fact our own culture of overworking and never resting that makes this seem odd.

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South of Spain is much the same mainly because its too hot to work outside . A Siesta after lunch is for everyone even the kids do it

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I knew certain areas around the Mediterranean followed this, but was not aware of its history all over the globe before the Industrial Revolution, for that seems to be when sleeping habits changed in many places.

Wow, very interesting read!

@lynspottery came back to say thank you for posting. This is fascinating because I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night ever since I was 2 years old (my mom swore it was earlier than that), and the two sleep explains a lot.

I’m still researching and reading on the subject, and loving every minute. Thanks again for posting.

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Maybe they were waking up when the alcohol wore off. Hey, water wasn’t safe! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool post!
I tend to sleep 5-6 hours, and nap 1 or so hour average.

Rarely get 8 hours of sleep in 1 night. Rejoice the few days per month I achieve this.

Second sleep is a concept I have lived with for 10 years or so … probably this article and 1 or 2 others.

I do attribute some of this to substance use and abuse. Like not using caffeine after noon to help sleep, or avoiding nicotine or alcohol. Personally I will never achieve, but do firmly believe, if i were to be alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine free for a day , then I would sleep like a baby.